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Friday, 30 January 2015 10:33
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I've had to go friends only. Sorry to everyone who visited from off-LJ, but it was necessary to keep the kind of environment my friends and I enjoy.

Comment to be added. :)

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Thursday, 23 October 2014 06:50
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As my hair fades, I'm getting even MORE compliments on it. Two individuals and one group (at 20MAC) yesterday. I guess it looks cooler when it starts getting different tones in it? Anyway, I've gotten SO much positive feedback that I am definitely going to do this again. I think I'm going to go ahead and re-color it this weekend, though, just so it lasts longer. Although it's been 3 weeks and it still looks really vibrant. I am totally thrilled with how this whole experiment has turned out.

Also on the braggy front (hey, my journal!), Brian said last night that I am one of the best office workers they've had. This either says that I am awesome (possible), or more likely, that they've had not-very-good people before me. I feel like my job is so straight forward and relatively easy. Parents can be a pain, but the rest of it is just routine, organization, and customer service skills.

It's a good sign when a company approaches you about submitting an application for a job, right? Gord got an email from the World Economic Forum, asking him to submit his resume for a couple different jobs. One is split between the US/UK, and the other is split between the US/UK and South Africa. Gord and I are both comfortable with him being gone for weeks/months at a time. Our main concern is that the US bit can be worked out of CO. Neither one of us wants to move to DC. Six months until terminal leave, 9 months until retirement. It's coming up fast.

Speaking of being gone, he's leaving today for Ft Leonard Wood to do...something. Training? He'll be back Sunday evening. Today is easy enough, since I don't work. I have to make cookies for some project Alex is doing, but that's no big deal. Tomorrow is a bit of a scramble because I work, but they have an altar service workshop at church. I already made arrangements with JR to be late, but it's going to be screaming up to mid-Aurora to drop them off at 5, zooming down to Parker to work for a couple hours, then shrieking back up to mid-Aurora (about a 25 minute drive) to pick them up by 8. Saturday Michelle is going to pick them up for practice since I have to be at work at 8, and I'll bring her Alex home afterwards. It works out for once, since they live right by the place we always get our pumpkins. We'll pop in there and load up. Then Sunday I am girding my loins and collecting all the brownie points ever and taking the boys to a reptile show. Jamey is DYING to go.

On that note, I should probably get ready for the gym.

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Saturday, 8 February 2014 08:00
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Woman came in and bought 4 scones, and two of my coworkers started making fat jokes over the headset. I said something about that being rude and unnecessary. But awkward.

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Real quick - Jamey placed first in all around! More later.

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Tuesday, 3 December 2013 22:12
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I ALSO REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT CAS'S GRACE IS PERMANENT. That just doesn't make any sense, story-telling-wise. They de-powered him on purpose so he wouldn't be the convenient tool in the Winchesters' back pocket. They wouldn't power him up again so easily. Although I thought I spotted a trenchcoat in the preview.

Samzekiel didn't play out the way I thought it would - it was BETTER. Gadriel, really? This is gonna be awesome.


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Tuesday, 12 November 2013 04:15
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Today is going to suck.

Work from 5-9:45. I have to get the kids' lunches packed before I go.

Run to the bank to deposit my checks (must set up auto deposit soonish) and the fucking base to pick up a scrip.

Home to eat lunch.

Must pick up Evan and Jamey from their respective schools around 12, to get them to the orthodontist by 12:30. Evan is just having a progress check. Jamey MAY be getting braces today, or we are doing the final check and he'll be getting them later this week, I think. I will have to pay $600 today either way, which sucks donkey balls.

Either drop the kids back at school, or just bring them home, depending on how late it is.

As soon as Alex gets home, bring him to RE. Go to Starbucks and hang out for an hour and 15 until he is done. Pick him up and bring him back home.

Make dinner.

Go pick up Evan at the gym at 7:30.

Come home and crawl into bed so I can get up for another 5 am shift tomorrow.

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013 09:57
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On lunch break. So far so good. I've been brewing a LOT of coffee. That seems to be basic number one. The hardest part is remembering the rotation system and knowing when to ignore it ( if you're supposed to brew pikes place next but French roast is low, you do French roast). During the morning rush I did food, which is putting cold stuff in bags, and hot stuff in the oven and then in bags. Got that bit down.

I'm scared, now though, because this store is pretty damn busy, yet it's supposedly lower volume than my home store.

I'm curious as to whether the boys got off ok to school this morning.

I'm laughing because one of my coworkers went on for a bit about how I can't possibly have 3 kids because I'm so tiny. Black really is slimming. :)

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Friday, 16 August 2013 12:44
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Random comments from my team:

Do we have a team flag?

Do you think a cage INSIDE a chicken coop would count?

Need suggestions for the romance novel cover.

I think the rooster tail sounds good - didn't he just get awesome purple shoes?

Is this enough rain?

Rats in viking costumes was way harder than I anticipated.

We'll see if Sister Marilyn knows any watersliding nuns.

Duckies - my SIL has 3 ducks, not 4. Any thoughts, or anyone else have a pet duck connection?

Forget the astronauts. NASA just put the kibbosh on it.

We are building our zebra out of feminine hygiene products

I like this one... you can see the vodka and balloon animal

I have a nun, she's hunting down a habit, I'm securing a waterslide.

We have gel and spike ability

Ok, so here's the text for a cult ad - and holy cow, I had no idea classifieds were this expensive.

I'll just re-submit the right one when we get back from the steampunk steam train!

Damn air force and their silly security.

Anyone with photoshop skillz to lighten it up a bit so we can see the kid...napper in his full glory?

I think Misha needs to do all this same shit and work through all the logistics with none of his celebrity advantages.

my Russian friend has half the population of Moscow looking for a colonel in boxers

Burrito purchased! On my way to the Neural Molecular Science building

I ended up not being able to go to the store today so I can't get peas or bubble gum.

Tiffany and I are going to bring our kids for beet and goat cheese ice cream tomorrow!

Today's goals: Fake historic landmark and West Collins rap!

What is it with GISHWHES and clothes made from food?!

I can make the sign. You can't use tongue.

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Friday, 5 July 2013 14:30
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I have a deep and abiding sympathy for service workers in resort towns. You know, having lived in one for 3 years. People at home are bad enough. People on vacation are terrible. They are almost always entitled, obnoxious, and shitty tippers. Kids are off schedule, tired, and prone to tantrums - and parents don't want to deal because vacation. I seriously squirm at some of the behavior I see .

I'm an obnoxiously good tipper in tourist traps.

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Fandom is beyond weird.

OK, I LOVE watching Jared, Jensen, and Misha together (the actors), in any combination, because they are obviously best friends and have an amazing time together. They are comfortable with each other, riff off each other, tease each other, touch each other, and so on.

Fandom then assumes that all that means they are all sleeping together.

I just...WHAT IS THAT. WHAT is this...thing...that makes it impossible for some people to accept that guys can be close without being sexual with each other? It's BIZARRE. All 3 of these guys are (apparently happily) married, they all have kids, blah blah. It's disturbing (same way it is with the relentless slash) how some people want to force a relationship and a sexuality on real people.

I stumbled across a post on Tumblr analyzing all of Misha and Jensen's (cockles...I don't ship real people, but I love the mashup names) interactions over FOUR cons, and how they are OBVIOUSLY bisexual (I think Misha might actually be out as bi, not sure, but Jensen is straight) and OBVIOUSLY in love with each other and put up all these videos of their interactions to prove it...

and all I see are two guys who are buddies. There's nothing there but that. There are endless comments of STRAIGHT GUYS WOULD NEVER ACT THIS WAY and I want to ask them what rock they are living under, because I see straight guys who are best friends acting that way all the time.

That said, I am LOVING the videos that are starting to come out from the Con in Rome this past weekend. Like I said, I love watching them carry on and be ridiculous with each other because it's obvious they are all having so much fun.

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013 18:22
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So my sister is getting married June 29. Turns out, they can win a free wedding on that date!

If you guys could go here and vote for them, that would be AMAZING. It's Kim and Sally, and their video is on page 2. And if anyone cares to, they can re-blog this to spread the word. I would love for this to happen for them. Thanks!

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Sunday, 14 April 2013 13:31
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Just filled out my calendar for the week, and I have evening stuff 3 nights, and a weekend obligation. Monday is scouts (missing DWTS), Tuesday is a meeting about AVID at Thunder Ridge, Thursday is the adult gymnastics class, and Saturday Evan has his 1st communion retreat.

Anyone ever heard of AVID? Jamey was recommended for the program. It's Advancement Via Individual Determination. This is from the brochure: Students will practice organizational and study skills daily, be challenged to develop critical thinking skills and as probing questions, be encouraged to seek help from peers and tutors, and actively participate in enrichment and motivational activities. AVID is a year long elective in which students learn with college tutors, improve writing, note-taking, and organizational skills, develop strategies for success for high school and beyond, visit college campuses (wut), meet, question, and interact with guest speakers, and collaborate with peers to understand and improve learning from other classes. Students must desire to work hard in school, commit to 1 hour of homework each school night, behave in class, maintain at least a C average in core classes, attend school regularly, learn study habits and work habits, achieve average and above average test scores, and enroll in rigorous college preparatory sequence of courses upon entering high school.

Basically, it's a heavy duty college prep course/track kind of thing. He has to fill out an application and get two teacher recommendations, despite being invited. I want him to do it just for the study skills/organizational stuff. He was down on it when I first brought it up - he's not interested in putting more effort in at school. But....this may be something that I push him on. I usually let him make his own decisions in terms of electives and so on, but...this could be extremely helpful for him.

Finding that line of guiding while promoting independence, which is between controlling your kid's life or letting him do whatever he wants, is blurrier than you might think.

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Monday, 18 June 2012 10:50
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Omg you guys, Gord got me a mother's/family ring for our anniversary! It is AMAZING!!!

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Love Actually.
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Two nights completely alone in a hotel.
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I wanted new cookie recipes for the holidays, so I thought it would be fun if we could all exchange a recipe or two. Happy baking!

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Monday, 7 March 2011 16:51
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I made my friends cut. Again, I want to emphasize that whether or not I cut you has nothing to do with how much I like you. I like all of you very much, and this was a tough cut to do. I may still cut it down more.

I'll see y'all around, OK?

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Thursday, 24 February 2011 17:00
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Minor friends cut. Insert standard disclaimer about no hard feelings, etc etc. Just not clicking.