Sunday, 14 April 2013

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Sunday, 14 April 2013 13:31
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Just filled out my calendar for the week, and I have evening stuff 3 nights, and a weekend obligation. Monday is scouts (missing DWTS), Tuesday is a meeting about AVID at Thunder Ridge, Thursday is the adult gymnastics class, and Saturday Evan has his 1st communion retreat.

Anyone ever heard of AVID? Jamey was recommended for the program. It's Advancement Via Individual Determination. This is from the brochure: Students will practice organizational and study skills daily, be challenged to develop critical thinking skills and as probing questions, be encouraged to seek help from peers and tutors, and actively participate in enrichment and motivational activities. AVID is a year long elective in which students learn with college tutors, improve writing, note-taking, and organizational skills, develop strategies for success for high school and beyond, visit college campuses (wut), meet, question, and interact with guest speakers, and collaborate with peers to understand and improve learning from other classes. Students must desire to work hard in school, commit to 1 hour of homework each school night, behave in class, maintain at least a C average in core classes, attend school regularly, learn study habits and work habits, achieve average and above average test scores, and enroll in rigorous college preparatory sequence of courses upon entering high school.

Basically, it's a heavy duty college prep course/track kind of thing. He has to fill out an application and get two teacher recommendations, despite being invited. I want him to do it just for the study skills/organizational stuff. He was down on it when I first brought it up - he's not interested in putting more effort in at school. But....this may be something that I push him on. I usually let him make his own decisions in terms of electives and so on, but...this could be extremely helpful for him.

Finding that line of guiding while promoting independence, which is between controlling your kid's life or letting him do whatever he wants, is blurrier than you might think.


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