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Tuesday, 22 October 2013 09:57
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On lunch break. So far so good. I've been brewing a LOT of coffee. That seems to be basic number one. The hardest part is remembering the rotation system and knowing when to ignore it ( if you're supposed to brew pikes place next but French roast is low, you do French roast). During the morning rush I did food, which is putting cold stuff in bags, and hot stuff in the oven and then in bags. Got that bit down.

I'm scared, now though, because this store is pretty damn busy, yet it's supposedly lower volume than my home store.

I'm curious as to whether the boys got off ok to school this morning.

I'm laughing because one of my coworkers went on for a bit about how I can't possibly have 3 kids because I'm so tiny. Black really is slimming. :)

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22/10/13 16:17 (UTC)
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You seriously rock black, FWIW.

Plus, you know, you're hot and all.

And I'd have told you if the boys had trouble today. Good luck with the rest of your shift.
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22/10/13 17:32 (UTC)
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ha, I like coworkers who aren't afraid to pay compliments. and that's one of my favorite things about black. :)


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