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Fandom is beyond weird.

OK, I LOVE watching Jared, Jensen, and Misha together (the actors), in any combination, because they are obviously best friends and have an amazing time together. They are comfortable with each other, riff off each other, tease each other, touch each other, and so on.

Fandom then assumes that all that means they are all sleeping together.

I just...WHAT IS THAT. WHAT is this...thing...that makes it impossible for some people to accept that guys can be close without being sexual with each other? It's BIZARRE. All 3 of these guys are (apparently happily) married, they all have kids, blah blah. It's disturbing (same way it is with the relentless slash) how some people want to force a relationship and a sexuality on real people.

I stumbled across a post on Tumblr analyzing all of Misha and Jensen's (cockles...I don't ship real people, but I love the mashup names) interactions over FOUR cons, and how they are OBVIOUSLY bisexual (I think Misha might actually be out as bi, not sure, but Jensen is straight) and OBVIOUSLY in love with each other and put up all these videos of their interactions to prove it...

and all I see are two guys who are buddies. There's nothing there but that. There are endless comments of STRAIGHT GUYS WOULD NEVER ACT THIS WAY and I want to ask them what rock they are living under, because I see straight guys who are best friends acting that way all the time.

That said, I am LOVING the videos that are starting to come out from the Con in Rome this past weekend. Like I said, I love watching them carry on and be ridiculous with each other because it's obvious they are all having so much fun.

12/5/13 23:17 (UTC)
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Real-person shipping (beyond "oh, wouldn't they be cute together?") and RPF make me sooooo uncomfortable. American Idol fandom had a lot of hardcore Adam Lambert/Kris Allen shippers a few years ago, ranging from people who just thought it was a cute thing to write fic about to people who honest-to-god thought Kris was going to leave his wife ANY MINUTE NOW for Adam. I felt so bad for Kris's wife, so many people analyzing very little thing to prove they were on the rocks and/or he'd never really loved her in the first place. I tend to avoid those parts of fandom, I'm glad I've had only limited exposure to it in SPN (I must follow the right tumblrs).

Oh btw, I'm going to be in Denver for a week starting next Monday! I don't know what our schedule is yet (my BIL is getting married and I have no clue how much we'll be recruited to do wedding stuff), but would you be interested in getting together? If the SPN finale were a week later I'd totally want to watch it together.

12/5/13 23:24 (UTC)
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Real person shipping freaks me out, too. There was some hard-core Val/Melissa shipping on Dancing With The Stars last season and it was just too weird for words. It's so invasive and....presumptive, I guess? Plus, wrt SPN actors, it's just as gross to try to force straight people into a same sex relationship as it is to force homosexual people into a straight relationship. Just...UGH.

I would love to get together! Just let me know your schedule. :D

12/5/13 23:52 (UTC)
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oh boy, do I agree! it's one thing to enjoy your own personal imaginings and fantasies, but it gets creepy and out of whack when you try to foist them on the actual people. :/

13/5/13 02:57 (UTC)
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Yeah, there's a big difference between shipping characters and real people. But I think there are a lot of people out there who truly don't realize that even though you've seen these actors in cons or other appearances you really don't know anything about them.


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