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Thursday, 23 October 2014 06:50
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As my hair fades, I'm getting even MORE compliments on it. Two individuals and one group (at 20MAC) yesterday. I guess it looks cooler when it starts getting different tones in it? Anyway, I've gotten SO much positive feedback that I am definitely going to do this again. I think I'm going to go ahead and re-color it this weekend, though, just so it lasts longer. Although it's been 3 weeks and it still looks really vibrant. I am totally thrilled with how this whole experiment has turned out.

Also on the braggy front (hey, my journal!), Brian said last night that I am one of the best office workers they've had. This either says that I am awesome (possible), or more likely, that they've had not-very-good people before me. I feel like my job is so straight forward and relatively easy. Parents can be a pain, but the rest of it is just routine, organization, and customer service skills.

It's a good sign when a company approaches you about submitting an application for a job, right? Gord got an email from the World Economic Forum, asking him to submit his resume for a couple different jobs. One is split between the US/UK, and the other is split between the US/UK and South Africa. Gord and I are both comfortable with him being gone for weeks/months at a time. Our main concern is that the US bit can be worked out of CO. Neither one of us wants to move to DC. Six months until terminal leave, 9 months until retirement. It's coming up fast.

Speaking of being gone, he's leaving today for Ft Leonard Wood to do...something. Training? He'll be back Sunday evening. Today is easy enough, since I don't work. I have to make cookies for some project Alex is doing, but that's no big deal. Tomorrow is a bit of a scramble because I work, but they have an altar service workshop at church. I already made arrangements with JR to be late, but it's going to be screaming up to mid-Aurora to drop them off at 5, zooming down to Parker to work for a couple hours, then shrieking back up to mid-Aurora (about a 25 minute drive) to pick them up by 8. Saturday Michelle is going to pick them up for practice since I have to be at work at 8, and I'll bring her Alex home afterwards. It works out for once, since they live right by the place we always get our pumpkins. We'll pop in there and load up. Then Sunday I am girding my loins and collecting all the brownie points ever and taking the boys to a reptile show. Jamey is DYING to go.

On that note, I should probably get ready for the gym.

23/10/14 13:56 (UTC)
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I'll wave at Gord as he flies overhead. :P

I'm jealous of the reptile show! I've been wanting to check one out for a while. There's a couple of good snake tumblrs I can recommend if you want to check out the hobby from that point of view. fuckyeahballpythons, snoots-and-boops, and adorablesnakes are all pretty good - lots of posts, good information, minimal drama. (Oh lord, pet drama anywhere. Haven't seen tumblr hit old school LJ levels yet, though.)

23/10/14 15:39 (UTC)
[identity profile] merlyn4401.livejournal.com
Noooo. I'm still in heavy denial about owning a snake. He still has to make honor roll twice this year! :p

23/10/14 15:42 (UTC)
[identity profile] dragonsong.livejournal.com
Ha! Understandable! I think that's a pretty good way of making him earn it - snakes are not a short term commitment. A lot of species can easily live 15-20 years when well cared for. Yes he's super excited about them now, but caring for one til he's 30+ is a big deal.

23/10/14 15:47 (UTC)
[identity profile] merlyn4401.livejournal.com
That's what I'm afraid of, tbh. I know he'll have to leave it with us if/when he goes to college and lives in the dorms. I want some sort of guarantee that he'll come back for it! It's not just his commitment at this stage of the game.

23/10/14 16:04 (UTC)
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As a chronic hair dyer, I recommend waiting at least 4 weeks between sessions. 6 is better, but I can't go more than 5.
(I dye mostly for grey coverage.)

23/10/14 16:13 (UTC)
[identity profile] merlyn4401.livejournal.com
Eh, my hair is so short that any damage gets cut out really fast. I don't need to re-bleach it or anything - just put more color on to resaturate it.

23/10/14 23:45 (UTC)
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Gord is getting some nice weather this weekend here in MO. I'm hoping to get out into some of it.

I love your purple hair, have I told you that? I wish my law firm was okay with purple. When I convince my BFF to go into solo law and take me along as her assistant, I'll definitely have to go purple.


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