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Friday, 16 August 2013 12:44
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Random comments from my team:

Do we have a team flag?

Do you think a cage INSIDE a chicken coop would count?

Need suggestions for the romance novel cover.

I think the rooster tail sounds good - didn't he just get awesome purple shoes?

Is this enough rain?

Rats in viking costumes was way harder than I anticipated.

We'll see if Sister Marilyn knows any watersliding nuns.

Duckies - my SIL has 3 ducks, not 4. Any thoughts, or anyone else have a pet duck connection?

Forget the astronauts. NASA just put the kibbosh on it.

We are building our zebra out of feminine hygiene products

I like this one... you can see the vodka and balloon animal

I have a nun, she's hunting down a habit, I'm securing a waterslide.

We have gel and spike ability

Ok, so here's the text for a cult ad - and holy cow, I had no idea classifieds were this expensive.

I'll just re-submit the right one when we get back from the steampunk steam train!

Damn air force and their silly security.

Anyone with photoshop skillz to lighten it up a bit so we can see the kid...napper in his full glory?

I think Misha needs to do all this same shit and work through all the logistics with none of his celebrity advantages.

my Russian friend has half the population of Moscow looking for a colonel in boxers

Burrito purchased! On my way to the Neural Molecular Science building

I ended up not being able to go to the store today so I can't get peas or bubble gum.

Tiffany and I are going to bring our kids for beet and goat cheese ice cream tomorrow!

Today's goals: Fake historic landmark and West Collins rap!

What is it with GISHWHES and clothes made from food?!

I can make the sign. You can't use tongue.
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